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A word from your barber Eliza

Pre and Post shave methods will improve the condition of your skin 100%! Making sure the face is warmed up first and cooling it down after the shave will make for less irritation and a more comfortable shave! You can use the Baxter Shave Tonic which helps open your pores(pre shave) and close your pores(post [...]

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A Word from Tina

It's almost time to surf those waves or splash in the pool, so here's a quick tip to avoid salty chlorinated hair. Carry a spray bottle filled with water and give your hair a quick misting before jumping in! It will act as a barrier to all salt and chemicals. No one likes crunchy hair! [...]

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A word from Allison

CALLING ALL CURLS! If you have spirals or waves, toss your terry cloth and trade for a microfiber towel or old cotton tee. Terry cloth makes curls frizz! Instead, use a leave in conditioner such as Baxter's Grooming Cream, and avoid ruffing your hair around. Take an old t-shirt and pat or squeeze the water [...]

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A Word From Ashley

If you are trying to sweep hair off of your floors, whether it be your hair or your pet's, spray a little hairspray on the bottom of the broom, and it will help to pick up and remove the hair. - Ashley

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A Word From Nicole

*Putting product in dry hair helps to maximize the product's hold by not watering down the consistency. *To achieve extra volume, blow dry hair in the opposite direction you want it to lay. -Nicole

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A Word From Krystal!

It is important to use a professional shampoo and conditioner! Conditioner restores the PH balance of the hair, and prevents it from drying out and becoming brittle. Using hot water to lather and rinse shampoo, and then cool water to rinse conditioner helps to seal the cuticle of the hair to give it a sleek, [...]

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A word from Eliza

Curls can be frizzy and hard to manage... Leaving a little bit of conditioner in and not washing it completely out can help. Then, blot with a towel instead of roughly towel drying or blow drying, this makes sure your curls stay together instead of spreading and frizzing. You can also layer a pomade on [...]

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A word from Lauren

Did you know that in between haircuts you can come in to freshen up necklines and hard parts for a quick, pick me up.   Example. You get your haircut every 4 weeks without fail but 2 weeks in, you have a wedding and need to freshen up.

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A word from Ashley

The difference between a clean shave and close shave: A CLEAN shave is done shaving with the grain, or the direction the hair grows. For a CLOSE shave first shave with the grain, reapply your shave cream or oil and then against the grain or the opposite direction of hair growth.

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