• This razor is made with nickle and chrome plated brass frame, that provides a smooth and comfortable shave. For over 40 years, Parker razors have been imitated but never duplicated!
  • Grooming Cream is a lightweight, versatile hair cream that provides soft shine and weightless hold. It can be used on its own or as a pre-style cream and is ideal for all hair types.
  • Made with natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil, tea tree and coconut oil for a healthy post-shave experience.
  • FIRM HOLD / NATURAL FINISH Powered by natural ingredients, this lightweight, solid styling cream provides textured definition and strong hold for hours with a low-shine finish.
  • The Double-Edge Safety Razor provides a close, comfortable shave, while Baxter's top-of-the-line Silver Tip Badger Brush evenly distributes shave cream, creates lather and helps lift facial hair.
  • Hot Towel

    Re-create the classic barbershop experience with Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment: a unique, water-activated heating agent that produces the definitively clean, consummate shave in a modern context.
    • Not recommended for clients with sensitive skin.
  • Let your chin strap chow down on this rich concoction of aloe and gentle conditioners. The sulfate-free formula cleans, softens and detangles the gnarliest of beards.  Leaves beard silky-smooth, manageable and frizz-free.
  • This razor delivers a fabulous shave. Great for both new and seasoned safety razor users. A genuine Parker Safety Razor product! For over 40 years, Parker's safety razors have been imitated, but never duplicated!
  • Facial Scrub

    Gently buffs away impurities and dead surface cells while stimulating skin renewal. Natural ingredients, including honey and lavender, tone and exfoliate skin. Mix it with our Daily Face Wash for a pre-shave treatment to help prevent ingrown hairs and lift facial hair.
  • This shaving cream works to soften the beard and skin providing a close smooth shave. Made with natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus oil and tea tree working to keep your face feeling healthy and looking great.
  • FIRM HOLD / SHINE FINISH Enhanced with elastic fibers, this firm-hold, water-based styling formula provides dimension, shine and all-day control without stiffness.
  • Prep for a great shave with Baxter's 100% natural badger hair shaving brush, an essential pre-shave tool that helps to lift facial hair and create lather. Made in Germany using Best Badger-grade hair, this brush is both soft and durable.